To present an idea on the scope of this blog, here are a few thoughts:

Culture – the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group.

This is dictionary.com‘s definition of “culture” that I find most appropriate.

It’s very interesting to me that a distinction is made between “behaviors” and “beliefs”. In general I think that most people primarily associate beliefs with culture, forgetting that behaviors are a key factor as well. Culture involves so much more than simply believing something. It encompasses a person’s everything. Everyone grows up in a certain fashion and (hopefully) as they grow more mature, they will be able to (and motivated to) objectively assess what made them who they are.

Culture has recently become a subject of interest to me because I am married to someone from a culture very different from my own. Obviously there are challenges that arise when two individuals commit to a marriage, even when those people are from the same or a similar culture. But when those individuals come from two different parts of the world, the challenges are different. I will not say that it is harder, I will just say that it is different. Some behaviors an American may take for granted, an Indian may think are crazy, and vice versa. And I want to talk about them and any other weird things that come up.

Get ready for some posts about culture, people! You have one, I have one, we all have a culture. Also, don’t judge me for my thoughts. I’m just a girl adjusting to my world. 🙂


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