The Food We Eat

I’ve only been married to my husband for a little over three months, but there have already been people who have asked me about the food we eat in our house. Apparently it’s a subject that people have concerns about, probably because most of them are picky eaters and aren’t open to trying new things. Apparently, the fact that two people from different parts of the world live together and cook is very strange…

My answer is: we eat whatever we feel like. There is no hard-and-fast rule in our house about what type/genre of food we will or will not consume. In the year or so that we have been cooking together, we have cooked (or tried to cook) a lot of different things. We’ve dabbled in American, Indian, Italian, Mexican, African, Greek, and Chinese cuisines. What happens when we try to cook something new is:

  1. We decide it tastes good or that it seems like it would taste good.
  2. If we don’t already have a recipe in mind, we look up one, or five.
  3. We cook the darn thing.
  4. We eat it and decide what we would change if we made it again. Or we decide to not eat it again.
  5. Usually we make a recipe card so we don’t have to re-find the original recipe/s we used for our dish. Done.

I was born and raised in the American South. This usually means we deep-fry everything and use a lot of butter (i.e. the now infamous Paula). My Bengali husband likes a lot of veggies and rice. However, neither one of us is so attached to what we grew up eating that we won’t try new things. Granted, the majority of dinners made in our kitchen tend to lean toward the Indian side, but that’s because we really like Indian food. We usually cook with less oil than traditional recipes call for, but that’s just a choice we’ve made.

I guess if I had to put the food we eat into a few categories, I’d say we eat mostly Indian, a lot of fusion, and occasionally global foods. That sounds like fun, right?

By the way, my husband says the Indian food I cook is really nice. And he eats a lot of it, too, so I believe he’s telling me the truth. Haha.