Better Food Challenge

Hi folks! One thing I’m passionate about is food. Food is naturally a part of our culture and the cultures of all the people we interact with on a daily basis. Some would say that food is inextricable from culture; I would certainly say that. If you want to learn something about a culture, a good place to look is the cuisine, whether traditional or modern.

An integral part of mine and B’s culture is definitely food and cooking. We love food of all sorts, from all places, and from our own kitchen. One thing that has been consistent during our whole relationship is that we have always cooked together. We have and still cook Indian, American, Latin, African, Mediterranean and Asian inspired foods. I believe that home cooking is a skill and art form that should be celebrated and practiced much more in modern homes than it is.

Please see my posts listed below (coming soon!) to get some inspiration and to join My Multicultural Musing’s Better Food Challenge. I will post the links in the order that I write them and they will be archived here for any future reference.

Happy Cooking and Eating!!